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Testimonial 4

Reading Deneen’s story was heartfelt because I was in a similar situation where I had put on a few extra unwanted pounds that my doctor suggested I loose. After following some of the recipes on this website, I began to feel lighter and less sluggish in my daily routine. Soon my exercise program was working for me because I began eating lighter and with purpose. One of the most fantastic things I have discovered using these recipes is the fact that I can alternate, change or substitute certain ingredients and receive the same healthy nutritional benefits, just by adding some of my own veggie favorites. I found that to be true with the Coriander and Cumin Detox Soup. Instead of using Kale and Carrots, I prepared the same broth adding spinach, mushrooms and red bell peppers. It was delicious, and I was able to eat more of it just by putting my own spin on the recipe. I frequent this site regularly waiting to try out the next new recipe she develops.

Joe McCarthyFreelance Photographer
Testimonial 3

I’m grateful to have found this website. The help and guidance challenged me to combine physical exercise with my healthy eating habits to assure that I stay fit.

Kandis HutchersonFilmographer
Testimonial 2

This website has been life changing. It’s often more convenient to go with fast food, but I’m reminded that unhealthy habits can cost me my long and happy life.

Jason JonesBranding Specialist
Testimonial 1

Cooking healthy meals at home felt like a chore before I began reading the Detox Regimen articles. Now I find my healthy lifestyle to be both enjoyable and beneficial long term

Nile LivingstonVisual Artist