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Kidney Detox

Another type of detox diet that you might wish to consider is the kidney detox diet. This type of diet is specially designed to help cleanse the kidney. The kidney is particularly susceptible to many different types of toxins due to the function that it serves within the body.

Kidney Function

The kidneys are located above the waistline, just above the bony portion of the hips. They can be easily found on either side of the backbone. One of the most common symptoms of kidney problems is back pain.

When the kidneys are cleansed and free of toxins they will be able to work much more effectively. The primary function of the kidneys is to actually clean the blood and remove toxins. The body must eliminate dangerous toxins from the blood on a daily basis. As a result, the kidneys work much like filters, sifting out waste products and extra water, which are then converted into urine. The urine is then stored inside the bladder until such time as you urinate. In some instances, the kidneys can become too full of toxins and when this happens it may be difficult to discharge the waste from the body. A kidney cleanse can help in this situation.

In addition to removing toxins from the blood, the kidneys also help to regulate blood pressure as well. As we know, this is essential to good health, which is just one more reason why it is important to make sure that the kidneys are healthy.

Another important function of the kidneys is the way in which they help to maintain the fluid and electrolyte balances within the body. The kidney is also responsible for releasing Vitamin D along with expelling alkaline salts, which works to maintain an appropriate acid and alkaline balance.

When waste products build up inside the blood the result can be kidney disease. When metabolic waste builds up to toxic levels it leads to a condition known as uremia. When bacteria are present it can result in infections of the urinary tract and that can cause fever and pain. In addition, someone who has kidney problems may also develop a condition known as gout.

In this condition, uric acid crystals form in the kidneys and the joints. Such crystals can also form elsewhere in the body, leading to a condition known as acidosis. Other problems can include kidney stones, which are mineral deposits that have become crystallized. Kidney stones can be quite painful. When they are too large they can prevent the flow of urine and cause it to back up.

In order to prevent this from happening, it is essential to make sure that you care caring for your health and particularly for your kidneys. A kidney detox on a regular basis will help to clean out toxins that may have built up inside the kidneys and ensure that they are performing optimally. As a result, they will be able to efficiently filter out toxins from the blood.


  • Timothy Posted November 16, 2017 3:58 am

    I am just feeling back pains for no reason. After reading this I am thinking it might be the reason. Nice post. Now, I need a kidney detox. Thank you for the detailed informations.

    • Deneen Delevante Posted November 17, 2017 4:47 am

      You are welcome Timothy, a good detox for the liver is my Turmeric/Ginger and Roasted Cauliflower detox soup. Turmeric and ginger are excellent for detoxing the liver. The combination vegetable juice with beet root is great. If you like tea, You can whip up a ginger tea in minutes using a few slivers of fresh ginger and hot boiling water. You can also accomplish the same thing with fresh peppermint and make peppermint tea. Just a few fresh leaves in some boiling hot water creates a wonderful soothing tea that is great for the liver. Any of these choices are so powerful and will produce great results. Please, in general drink lots of water throughout the day, our bodies need it. I begin my day with a bottle before I indulge in any of my other favorite foods or beverages. I hope these tips are helpful to you. Please chime back in and let me know how you are feeling. If your back pain persists, and you do not see or feel any differently within a couple of days, you should consult your primary care doctor.

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