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Detox Regimen: Not Just a Diet, But a Way of Life

Hi, my name is Deneen and I have created this website to not only share my stories with readers from all over the world, but to offer them the encouragement they need to achieve their goals and to become more confident and more successful in their lives. I am a professional chef and I have worked in many of New England’s top restaurants. When an injury affected me so much that I couldn’t work, I found myself sitting at home, lacking energy and feeling depressed from the chronic pain that I was in. I could no longer exercise and be active as I once was and that was enough to make me feel as though my health was slipping away. That is when I turned to food as a way to heal my body and relieve my chronic pain. I chose foods that would boost the metabolism, optimize digestion and strengthen the immune system. These foods help detox and cleanse the body and the recipes I created have helped me to feel great.

Throughout my professional career, I have turned my passion for creating new and exciting dishes into a mission to help others eat healthier and feel better about the foods they put into their bodies. Welcome to my website and thank you for taking the time to visit me today and for getting to know more about who I am and what I do.

As you join thousands of other readers who visit Detox Regimen, you will be introduced to some new ideas about food and how it can improve your health, boost your metabolism and bring positivity into your life. I will share with you my favorite foods that will detox and cleanse your body from the inside out, how you can benefit from adding exercise to my innovative and effective diet plan and how you’re not just limited to smoothies and juices on your journey into positive eating habits. You will find helpful FAQ’s about dieting, delicious recipes, and popular detox trends and detox guides that will show you that this is more than a diet, it is a way of life.

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